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The seafood platter

Since 2006

What is the seafood platter made of ?

The ideal seafood platter is made up of cooked crustaceans and raw and cooked shellfish: spider, crab, shrimp,  langoustines ,  oysters , periwinkles, whelks, clams ... 

The perfect accompaniment? A good fresh bread,  Half-salt butter  and a homemade mayonnaise.

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Whether for a fish dish, a dozen oysters on the go, good gray shrimp croquettes or a whole lobster with fries, Les Petits Poissons welcomes you for a breath of sea air!

Who are we ?

Lobster house  : everything is good ... in the fish

Come and take a breath of fresh air .. iodized.

From boat to plate

One of the most emblematic restaurants in Brussels, the Lobstrer house establishment is also known for its famous freshness, Lobster house, designed in the years 2006. Today a room and terrace of 60 seats adjoining a magnificent vivarium welcome you with a card of which fish is king.

An excellent place to enjoy seafood: all fresh and well prepared.

In addition to the essential seafood platter, we can especially recommend the lobster bisque: excellent and generously served.

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